We are NOT a bank!

Our focus is always on finding the best way to make your bank better. Our goal is that you don't need a new bank to experience convenient banking.

We are changing the way you bank and revolutionizing payment. MOTHERSHIP AFRICA COMPANY LIMITED is a finance company making payments and banking easier and more convenient. We operate in partnership with commercial banks, duly licensed by CBN and insured by NDIC.

We work hard to make things easy, to take the thinking out of banking for good. From spending insights to instant cashback and market-leading exchange rates, every perk you get with Mothership, you get on every card and account you add to your Mothership Wallet.

We work the smartest and hardest.

We are a team with combined experience in Banking, Technology Development and Operations. We work tirelessly to keep this ship afloat, we hope you feel safe here.


Interested in joining our team?

We are constantly looking for creative minds to join our crew. If this is you, kindly reach out to careers@mothership.ng